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Spam and virus protection

With spam now accounting for over 96% of all email, delivery systems and IT resources are continually strained. Moreover, with corporate email accounting for more than half of information leaks, organisations need a comprehensive email solution to address spam, malware, phishing and data leakage concerns. An effective email security solution can also play an important part in helping a company to meet industry and governmenal compliance concerns and mitigate legal liability.
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Increased data security and compliance

Increased data security and compliance
  • Inbound & outbound spam, malware, phishing and anti-virus scanning
  • Pre-defined compliance dictionaries
  • Optional policy-based encryption & archiving services
  • Deep content scanning on all email and attachments prevents data loss and legal liability

Consistent and reliable access to secure email

Consistent and reliable access to secure email
  • Protects against 98% of spam
  • Protects against 100% of known viruses
  • More Anti Virus engines than any other email filtering solution
  • TLS encryption supported as standard
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee

Reduced total cost of ownership

Reduced total cost of ownership
  • No hardware or software to install, configure and maintain
  • Filtering and Anti Virus definitions updated automatically saving valuable IT resources
  • Predictable operating costs
  • Integrated suite of email protection, management and compliance services

Increased IT capacity and efficiency

Increased IT capacity and efficiency
  • Highly scalable to accommodate organisational growth and increased demand
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements on email processing and rule propagation
  • Greatly reduced bandwidth consumption due to 'In-the-cloud' filtering
  • Fast, low risk service deployment

Improved manageability and reporting

Improved manageability and reporting
  • Web-based admin offers total visibility & flexibility
  • Over 15 different reports give concise and up-to-the minute information
  • Report scheduler enable reports to be emailed in PDF format
  • On-demand, customisable reports


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