6 Reasons Why Case Studies Are A Terrific Market For Freelance Writers

I remember the first time a client introduced me a case study writing assignment.

I was petrified.

It was early in my freelance writing occupation and I didn’t even know what one looked like. I had a lot of questions. “What the heck is a case study?” “How long is it?” “What is the format?” “How much do I charge?”

6 Reasons Why Case Studies Are A Terrific Market For Freelance Writers

I didn’t have a clue.

Of course, these days, I know more. A lot more. In fact, I write dozens of case research for shoppers each year.

Case learn now rank high on my list of the most fascinating — and benefiting from — projects I Manage (I’m sure occurs that client proposing me the job all those years ago!)

If you’re unfamiliar with case Studies don’t worry. They’re really quite simple. A case study is just a fancy name for a success story – the tale of a happy customer and his or her knowledge using a product or service.

Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more firms need case stories written, yet have difficulties finding writers who can do the job.

That spells OPPORTUNITY for you and me.

And it gets better. Intensify the following:

1. Case experiences are not difficult to write

They are similar in style and format to a newsletter article. So if you can write one of those, you can write a case study.

2. Case reproduction are incredibly short

Usually about 400-800 words in length. Once you’ve gained a little Knowledgeable you’ll be able to knock one off in less than a day.

3. The formats are standardized

Unlike ads and direct mail, you won’t get stressed out by having to come up with a miraculous new idea or killer headline. The basic structure of a case study is remarkably simple. All that’s required of you is to get the facts and write a good piece.

4. Case study writers are in demand

More establishments are scrambling to get case reproduction written today than ever before. I can’t give you an actual figure but, in my opinion, the demand for case study writers has accelerated particularly over the past couple of years.

5. There is little competition

I’m not sure why, but few copywriters go after this market. Some may not know it exists. Others may mistakenly think that case learn are dull or technical. Not true! Case study writing is storytelling. It’s fun.

6. Case learn pay well

Especially well. Now you won’t get the big name rates paid to big-league direct mail copywriters. But most valued clientele do pay handsomely for case study writing. Earning $100 per hour is not an unreasonable expectation for an experienced Author I know many who earn a lot more.

Right now the case study market is booming. Why not jump in and get your share of these fascinating and making the most of writing gigs?


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